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Soy vs Paraffin Candles - The Great Debate - Are soy candles more beneficial than paraffin candles?  Examine the myths and facts surrounding new vegetable waxes.
Totally Chic and Unique Eco-friendly Wallpaper! - Apart from loving the name of their site, Eco Centric, I absolutely adore their wallpaper. Head over to the Interior Design section of their website and you'll find a great range of wallpaper designs to choose from. Your walls are sure to stand out as they genuinely make a statement...read more

Vintage Looks Bring So Much Flavour - If your home is looking a tad dull and lacking in character, going vintage could turn this around completely. You could add splashes of vintage and retro flavours to your home or even do a complete makeover...read more.

Delicious Dishes - By delicious dishes, I don't mean cooked up recipes. I mean the trendy, stylish, eye catching dishes that one might display on a kitchen or coffee table, perhaps even filled with scented decorations or fruit. Following are some environmentally friendly and unique designs...read more.

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A large selection of energy and water saving devices, homewares, kitchenware, bath and body products, accessories, gardening products, pet care, stationary and gifts.


A selection of gorgeous eco homewares, eco friendly paints, special eco products, and lovely green and eco gifts for all occasions.

Eco friendly, natural, organic choices for your home, skin and gifts.

Eco friendly homewares, kitchenware, solar panels, LED lights, office lighting, accessories, baby products, toys and gifts.

Fairtrade and a selection of recycled homewares, kitchenware, accessories and gifts

A stylish range of homewares, gifts, skin and body care and accessories